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Driving Videos in the United Kingdom.

My photography, YouTube channel and blog are just hobbies to keep me occupied, my proper job is a HGV driver around the roads of the United Kingdom. Occasionally I like to share videos of where I have been if they are somewhere I would like to photograph but I was unable to take the time to stop and picture them. The following short films were taken on my travels around the country and I have set them to music, as it sounds better than the engine from my wagon.
The first video was taken on October 29th 2013 and shows the Dartford Crossing heading north before the toll booths were removed, and driving through the eastern tunnel until I emerge on the northern side of the River Thames in Essex. The speed has been increased by 2.
The 2nd video shows a crossing of the England / Scotland Carter Bar border crossing on the A68 from Northumbria in to the Border's region. Again has been speeded up
The next film again speeded up shows a drive through the historic Scottish Border's town …

Trains at Walsden and the Summit Tunnel.

Finding myself with a few hours to pass on a warm Sunday afternoon I thought I would catch the train up the Calder Valley and walk back along the Rochdale Canal from Walsden to Todmorden, whilst taking a few photos along the way. I thought I would walk the short distance from Walsden Station to the Summit Tunnel t see if I could get any pictures of the eastern portal and whilst there I thought it might be interesting to film a train either entering or exiting the tunnel. Luckily this being a Sunday I didn't have to wait too long as an eastbound train passed shortly after settling myself in for a wait. The result was this short video also available to view on YouTube.
Sadly I was not aware of the distraction of the weeds in front of the camera at the time but I don't think they remove much of the feel of the video. The Summit Tunnel is one of the oldest railway tunnels in England, built between 1837 and 1841 and when opened it was the longest tunnel in the world at just over 1…

Port de San Miquel to Portinatx, A virtual boat trip along the coast.

I recently posted a set of images taken along the northern coast of Ibiza, this selection of pictures uploaded to Flickr and Clickasnap are from the return journey from the Port de San Miquel to Portinatx.
The sea was a little rougher on the return journey which resulted in a few people having upset stomachs but I was ok and took a number of picture on the return journey which took about 45 minutes. The pictures were taken on the 12 July 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.
The first set of 17 pictures can be seen on Flickr or by using the arrows on the picture below.
There are also 7 pictures available in Clickasnap exclusively. Please take a moment to view those on there as each view of over 10 seconds results on me receiving a small contributor's fee from them and help support my photography.
Click here to view the full album "Ibiza's Rugged Northern Coast" on Clickasnap. There are currently 10 pictures available there including the 7 from this set…

Narrowboats, Waterfalls and Leaky Lock Gates at Walsden, West Yorkshire

With a few hours to kill on a bank holiday weekend I decided to go for a walk along the Rochdale Canal from Summit Tunnel to Todmorden and whilst taking a number of pictures I also took several short films using my camera, 2 of which I have uploaded for viewing on YouTube as well as below.
The first video was taken from bridge number 32 Copperas Bridge which carries the A6033 Rochdale Road across the canal. It shows a narrowboat sailing along the canal westward away from Gauxholme Railway Bridge.

The second short clip was taken showing a waterfall flowing nearby at the end of Farnboro Street alongside the Rochdale Canal. I just kind of found it relaxing watching the water cascading over the edge.

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And the 3rd video shows a scene at lock 31 on the Rochdale Canal also known as Lightbank Lock. I  just found something very relaxing about…

The Natural Beauty of the Northern Coast of Ibiza. Portinatx to San Miguel by Boat.

This set of pictures was taken on a boat trip along the coast of Ibiza from Portinatx to San Miguel. The trip was approx. 30 Min's and the views were outstanding as the boat followed the coastline closely. There are 2 sets taken along the coast but this set features the pictures taken on the trip out to San Miguel and the trip back to Portinatx will be shown later. The pictures were taken about 10.30 in the morning using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera on the 12 July 2014.

The pictures are split in to 2 selections with the first album of 17 pictures available to view on Flickr or by the slideshow album below.
There will be additional Flickr pictures to view below.
There are an additional 3 pictures that can be viewed only on Clickasnap via the links below,
Click here to view "The Blue Sea" on Clickasnap. The picture shows a coastline not far from Portinatx which has all colour drained from it apart from the blue sea.
Click here to view "Coastline" on Cli…

The Seasons at Mearclough Bridge.

Mearclough Bridge is a 3 arch (2 arches over the River Calder and 1 hidden behind the trees) stone bridge that carries the Fall Lane over the River Calder. The bridge was given Grade II listed status on the 19th July 1988 and whilst it's thought the current bridge dates from around the year 1800 there is records of bridges at this point in earlier history.

The following information about the bridge was obtained from the Malcolm Bull Calderdale Companion site... I April 1769 Norland Township was fined for not keeping the bridge in repair and again in 1773. In 1774 £250 was donated to rebuild the bridge in stone. I'd like to give my thanks to the Malcolm Bull website for this information.
For many years the single track bridge was the only access for the refuse site and local businesses due to a low railway bridge along the road, this led to Mearclough Bridge being damaged a number of times and eventually closing to traffic when the new Sterne Mills Bridge opened in July 2015.…

Rishworth Branch Line.

The Rishworth Branch Line was a railway that ran along the Ryburn Valley from Sowerby Bridge to Rishworth. Originally proposed in 1865 work commenced in 1873 and the first section of line to Ripponden opened in 1878 with the line to Rishworth being completed in 1881. The original plans for the line meant tunnelling through the moor near here to connect with the main line at Rochdale but difficulties with landslides, e.t.c. meant this never happened. Problems with the surrounding land led to the line closing between Ripponden and Rishworth in March 1952 and completely in September 1958.
A number of the bridge crossing's still stand, along with the Scar Head Tunnel and at Rishworth the station platform still waits for a train never to arrive, although largely hidden now by undergrowth and inaccessible due to being on private land. Sadly there is no other evidence of the lines other stations and halt's remaining at Ripponden, Triangle or Watson's Crossing. The majority of th…

Railway Station's of Calderdale.

A new slideshow featuring music. The slideshow has images taken at the railways stations of the Calder Valley. The stations are Brighouse, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden and Walsden. The platform remains at Rishworth and station bridge at Triangle are also included. The are 23 images in the 2min 41sec long slideshow. The pictures were taken n a number of dates using either my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Polaroid iS2132 Bridge Camera or my current choice of equipment, my Nikon d3300 SLR Camera.

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Mytholmroyd Railway Station.

Mytholmroyd Railway Station opened in May 1847 6 years after the railway passed through the town and has been in continuous use since, although the original buildings have either been demolished on the east bound platforms or closed off and are no longer in use on the west bound platforms. These are the former booking hall and stair tower and are Grade II listed. There are plans to redevelop the hall in to a community led facility housing the Ted Hughes Poetry Centre and the Alice Longstaff Gallery.
The current station features 2 platforms and was redeveloped in the late 80's early 90's adjacent to the original buildings and platforms. It serves the communities of Mytholmroyd, Luddendenfoot, Midgley and Cragg Vale.
I have been at the station many times armed with a camera and these first pictures were taken on the 14th August 2016. There are a total of 7 pictures that were taken with my Nikon d3300 this time with 5 feature on Flickr in the album below.
and 2 featured here but…

New YouTube Channel for Colin Green Photography.

Well it's fair to say not really new, but a channel all the same to show off my photographs. I originally set it up as an experiment using some short videos my daughter had filmed on holiday using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and had until recently forgotten all about it. There are also a couple of videos taken whilst driving. There are currently 10 videos and 3 photographic slideshows to view on there. The 4 below are the 3 most viewed videos on YouTube and the most viewed photo slideshow.
Crossing the England Scotland Carter Bar border in Northumbria. The music that over lays the video is Lamentation by Kevin MacLeod. The video was uploaded on the 31st October 2013 and currently has 7918 views.
A Drive through Jedburgh shows a leisurely paced drive through the historic Scottish town of Jedburgh in the Borders region. The music is Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod and the film was uploaded on the 2nd November 2013 currently showing 2139 views.
Shark Swimming in Costa Teguise was…

Luddenden Dene, an updated selection of pictures.

Luddenden Dean is a rural area of Calderdale, West Yorkshire with it has to be said not much going on anymore. At 1 time the area had a chapel, and a pub, features a couple of crossings over the Luddenden Brook and not really much else. It must have been a hard life and probably still is when the winter weather hits but that said I think it's one of the best places to walk in the area, with outstanding views and a sense of isolationism. The remains of Castle Carr are not too far from here but access is only allowed to the grounds at certain times and sadly when I was there this was not one of those occasions.

The local pub the Cat I'th Well has traded since at least the 18th Century and local legend says that the nearby Cat Rocks must be painted white by the Landlord on a certain day of the year or the pub will fail. One year the Landlord painted them a different colour and the pub was bankrupt before the years end.
The local stream Caty Well Brook flows into the Luddenden Br…