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Tile Hill and Berkeswell Railway Station.

I must confess to not knowing much about either of these 2 stations so what little extra information I have has been taken from Wikipedia.

Tile Hill Railway Station has served the suburb of Tile Hill, Coventry since 1850 when it opened as Allesley Lane. In recent years the station has been developed and was completely rebuilt during the 1960's. I was at the station briefly on the 18th January 2017 so only took 1 picture using my Nikon d3300 SLR.

Till Hill Railway Station.

Berkeswell Railway Station serves the village of Berkeswell but is actually nearer the town of Balsall Common. The station opened in 1844 and again has completely changed during it's history to the station they have now. I took an additional 4 pictures here which can be viewed in the album below or full size on Flickr.
Use the arrows to navigate the full album of 5 pictures.
There are also 2 pictures available to view on Clickasnap which can be seen via the links below. They are different to the ones availa…

A Walk around the Wharf, Sowerby Bridge on a Summer's Morning.

I found myself with half an hour to pass I decided to take the camera out and for a short shoot and walk session around the canal wharf at Sowerby Bridge. The wharf is also the junction where the Rochdale Canal meets the Calder & Hebble Navigation.

Well a little bit of history on the wharf, initially the Calder & Hebble Navigation reached Sowerby Bridge during the 1870's and warehouses 1 and 2 were built, these now house the Moorings bar and Temujin restaurant, as well as a number of other small businesses and are Grade II listed. When the Rochdale Canal act was passed in 1793 the Calder & Hebble canal company were told to build whatever wharves and warehouses the Rochdale Canal required at there expense, this lead to the development of warehouses 3 &4 with number 3 becoming known as the salt warehouse due to the storing of salt there. This is the only warehouses that offers canal side access to both the Rochdale Canal and the Calder & Hebble Navigation. Again…

The Piece Hall, Halifax.

My 2 albums of pictures taken at the Piece Hall were taken in December 2013 just 1 month before the former cloth hall closed for an extensive refurbishment. As the hall is due to re-open on the 1st August 2017 (Yorkshire Day) I thought I might be time I did something with the pictures taken in and around the hall. They were taken on the 1st December 2013 using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. This was when I was just becoming interested in photography and I was happy enough just taking pictures with this.
The first album is available below of full size on Flickr by clicking the picture. There are 14 pictures available to view on there.

Additional pictures below but first a little history on the Piece Hall.
The Halifax Piece Hall was conceived in 1774 and designed by Thomas Bradley, with help from John & Samuel Hope. The cost was £12,000 and the hall opened in 1779 providing a area for local people to sell there cloth. As the cloth industry declined the hall firstly allowed cotton to be …

Teguise, Lanzarote, Market Day.

Teguise is a small village in the northern part of the island of Lanzarote. It is now a popular tourist attraction because of the Sunday market held there weekly and is home to the castle of Santa Barbara and the church of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. The town was the capital of Lanzarote until 1852 and is located centrally in the northern part of the island.
I was there for the Sunday market and took these pictures using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in July 2013. there are 2 different sets to view on Flickr and Clickasnap.
There are 12 pictures to view on Flickr, either by using the arrows or click to view full size on Flickr.
The following 4 pictures can be seen on Clickasnap. Please click the link to view and help support my photography as all views there of over 10 seconds result in me receiving a contributor's fee.
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Hardcastle Crags, Nr Hebden Bridge.

Hardcastle Crags is wooded valley near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. It is owned and managed by the National Trust and is also known as Hebden Dale.
The crags are a natural valley that that is popular with hikers and families out to pass the time and has been the subject of reservoir proposals on a number of occasions that have been fought against. The Hebden Water flows along the valley bottom and passes the well known Gibson Mill on it's travel down the valley.
There is much more information available by clicking the following link, The National Trust, Hardcastle Crags
There are currently 2 albums of pictures available to view with 12 on Flickr by clicking here or the album below, or another 14 available on Clickasnap by clicking here. The pictures were taken on the 10th September 2016 using a Nikon d3300 SLR Camera.
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Brighouse Railway Station.

The current Brighouse station is the 2nd to have served the town and opened in May 2000. The original Brighouse station opened on the 5th October 1840 and was originally called Brighouse & Bradford as no services reached Bradford until 1846. From 1881 the station was known as Brighouse for Rastrick as there were now 3 stations in the Brighouse area, the others being Brighouse Clifton Road from 1881 until closure in 1934, and Baliff Bridge from 1881 until closure in 1917. The original station was closed on the 3rd January 1970 although the line remained in use for freight and diverted services. The station now offers daily services to Leeds, Manchester, Huddersfield, and London Kings Cross amongst others and has seen passenger numbers grow from approx. 267000 in 2012 to approx. 416000 in 2016. The station also serves the nearby town of Elland approx. 2 miles away but there are plans to reopen the closed station there as well.
These pictures were taken on the 22nd February 2014 usi…