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Rishworth Branch Line album updates.

Further to my post (6th May 2016) of pictures taken along the closed Rishworth Branch line I have now added an additional 16 pictures taken between Sowerby Bridge and Triangle.
There are now 21 pictures available to view on Flickr and an additional 14 on Clickasnap.
This album on can be viewed using the arrows or by clicking the picture to view full size on Flickr. (opens in another window)

The full Rishworth Branch Line album on Clickasnap can be viewed by Clicking here.
The following 5 links to take you to pictures that are exclusive to Clickasnap. All pictures on viewed there for over 10 seconds result in me and other photographers receiving a small contributors fee. My current rate is $0.0014 per view.  All links open in another window and can be seen full size, resolution and without watermarks.
Click here to view "Bridge over Nothing" best quality on Clickasnap.
Click here to view "The Abandoned Bridge" best Quality on Clickasnap. Click here to view "Woodla…

Costa Teguise, Photographs with a Samsung Tablet.

Costa Teguise is a purpose built tourist city on the south eastern side of the Island of Lanzarote. It was built during the 1970's under the guidance of Cesar Manrique and grew popular during the 1980's with European tourists. There is 5 different beaches within a short distance of the centre and everywhere on the island is accessible from here. The things I remember most are the people who worked in the hotels and local shops and cafes were some of the friendliest I have met whilst travelling. The weather was also memorable in that whilst it was always warm the mornings always started cloudy and the constant wind which meant it really lived up to it's name Breezy Teguise. I would return to Lanzarote in a heartbeat.
These pictures were taken in Costa Teguise and are featured on Flickr and Clickasnap. There are 11 different pictures to view and they were taken using a Samsung Galaxy tablet in July 2013. This holiday to Lanzarote is what made inspired me to take up photogra…

Asquith Bottom Mills, Sowerby Bridge

Asquith Bottom Mills is a mixed use industrial estate at Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire built up around a former (depending on the era) carpet, wire, woollen mill. The mill was originally built by William Edlestons and I still remember the red neon sign with there name across the roof during the 1980's (sadly now gone). There is an album of pictures which can be viewed using the arrows or full size on Flickr by clicking the photo below,
The following 2 pictures can only be viewed on Clickasnap by clicking the link underneath each. The pictures displayed there are full size, resolution and feature no water marking. Link opens in another window.
Click here to view "The Side of the Mill" on Clickasnap Click here to view "Asquith Bottom Mill" on Clickasnap
Copies are also available to buy there. Just viewing this picture or my others on Clickasnap helps support my photography. I am currently paid a contributors fee by them of $0.0014 per view of over 10 seconds, so…

Ardrossan Beech, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Ardrossan Beech is a set of pictures in 6 pictures taken on the 28th November 2013 in Ayrshire, south-western Scotland. They were taken using a Samsung Galaxy tablet computer and were one of the things that sparked my interest in photography. There not the best set of photographs but then they don't have to be as this is only a hobby that I enjoy and I'm the first to admit I am unlikely to be the world's best photographer, but it gets me out of the house and it's fun.
These pictures were taken on the north shore Ardrossan beech which overlooks the Firth of Clyde and the Isle of Arran.
The following album of pictures can be seen on Flickr, Use the arrows to navigate the album.

There are also 2 Clickasnap exclusives and by viewing them there you help to support my photography. There can be viewed full size, resolution, and with no watermark by clicking the link under each picture. Click here to view best Quality "Straight Ahead the Horizon" on Clickasnap. Click …

Birmingham Carriage Works Sign

The Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company was a railway locomotive and carriage builder, founded in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom in 1854. The company also made aeroplanes, gliders, buses and tanks. The original company closed in 1963 and was reformed in June 2014 as a not-for-profit organisation to rebuild prototype locomotives from the 1960's no loner in existence. (This partial info was taken from Wikipedia. The full page can be viewed by clicking here.
I was delivering to a warehouse where the sign was in my job as a HGV driver on the 22 January 2014 and took the picture using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The picture has been watermarked and reduced in quality and size. To see the unaltered original picture please click the link underneath and view on Clickasnap,
Click here to view full size, and with no watermark on Clickasnap. Copies are also available to buy there. Just viewing this picture or my others on Clickasnap helps support my photography. I am curre…

The Cova de Can Marca, Port de San Miquel, Ibiza.

Or in English the Can Marca Cave in the Port of San Miguel, Ibiza. These are so far my only attempt at underground or low light photography and the results are a mixed bag. There are only a total of 23 pictures that are at all viewable out of over 100 taken in the caves so I have listed them on to Flickr and Clickasnap. The pictures were taken on the 12th July 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.
Firstly a little on the caves. Upon arrival there is a little cafĂ© waiting area where you wait to be taken down into the caves in groups, these are sorted in to whichever language you speak. The caves are not accessible for people with wheelchairs, pushchairs and with limited mobility as the are a number steps down and up from the entrance - exit. The tour takes approx. 30 - 40 minutes and is not the most informative but is still worth a visit as the tunnels through the caves are lit in a variety of colours and there is a waterfall / laser light show as part of the tour. It…

Belfry of Bruges.

The Belfry of Bruges is an historic bell tower overlooking the city of Bruges, Belgium. The tower has been host to the historic city archives, a former treasury, and ironically a fire observation post. This is ironic because the Belfry has been damaged by fire on no less that 3 times in 1280, 1493 and 1741. The top of the tower can be reached for a small fee and stands at 272 feet above the market square it overlooks. There is a narrow steep winding wooden staircase with 366 steps to the top of the tower which gives outstanding views over the city. Beneath the tower to the rear is a courtyard and underneath is the former market hall.
These pictures were taken on the 2nd November 2015 using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.
There are a total of 20 different pictures 15 of which can be viewed on Flickr (Belfry of Bruges) and 5 which can be viewed on Clickasnap.
Use the arrows to navigate the album of 15 pictures or click to view on Flickr (Opens in another window).
The following…

Ruskins View and Sunshine Over A Happy Valley.


Clickasnap Online Store and Portfolio.

Clickasnap is a relatively new website that launched on the 3rd March 2016 offering photographers the opportunity to receive a small contributors fee for displaying there photographs there. It's a site that earlier this year also offered photographers the opportunity for a small monthly fee to sell there photographs in a variety of different ways.
My Clickasnap portfolio can be viewed by clicking the link below, Colin Green Clickasnap Portfolio.
The shop I have there currently stocks 2 different ways to obtain copies of the pictures with downloads of each available from just £0.35 each and canvas wall display available from £40.00 to £158.00. The prices differ due to size and type. The shop can be found via the following link, Colin Green Clickasnap Store.
There are alternatives sizes, frames and items available to the ones listed there and if interested please contact me to discuss any picture you would like to purchase.
Fine art canvasses and prints of selected pictures can also b…

The Remains of the Rishworth Branch Line.

These are a collection of photographs taken in a number of spells along what remains of the Rishworth Branch Line. There are 2 albums to view on Flickr and Clickasnap each containing a different set of pictures.
The Rishworth Branch Line was a railway that ran from Sowerby Bridge to Rishworth through the Ryburn Valley for a length of approx. 4 miles. There was an original plan to extend the line through to Littleborough under Rishworth Moor but despite surveys being completed this was never undertaken. It was built to double track standard with this in mind but the 2nd track was mainly used to store carriages and engines.  The line features stations at Sowerby Bridge, Triangle, Ripponden with Barkisland, Rishworth and from 1907 a halt at Watson's Mill Crossing. Completed in 1878 passengers were only carried until 1929 when due to the rise in trams and buses this became unviable. Freight ceased to be carried from Rishworth in 1952 and the whole line closed in 1958 with the tracks li…