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Updated Flickr Albums.

I am currently in the process of updating my Flickr albums before transferring them to this blog for posting starting with my original pictures.

Fly Flatts Reservoir.

Album 1 listed on Flickr is a small album collection of 3 photos taken at Fly Flatts reservoir also known as Warley Moor. These pictures were taken on the 5th October 2013 and the 9th March 2014. The first date was pictured using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the 2nd using a Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.
Fly Flatts (Warley Moor) Reservoir. Always been a favourite place of mine. Click the link to see the pictures full size or use the arrows to navigate through them.
The Withins and Ovenden Moor.
This album is a collection of 11 pictures taken around Ovenden and Warley Moors on the 5th October 2013 and 9th  March 2014. Again these sets were pictured using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.
Warley and Ovenden Moors. Click the link to view full size on Flickr or use the arrows to navigate …

The Favourite 5, September 2016.

The favourite 5 is a collection of the 5 pictures that are currently most liked on Flickr as of the 25th September 2016. I thought it might be interesting to update every couple of months which are the top 5.

Railway Platforms at Brockholes Train Station. This is simply my most popular picture on by a long way currently having been favourited 123 times. The picture is of the original station building now a private residence on the disused platform at the station. It was taken on the 21st May 2016 with my Nikon D3300 SLR.

Ribblehead Railway Station in the Scenic Yorkshire Dales. This has been favourited 19 times so far and is facing northwards looking towards the southbound platform and the peak of Whernside in the background. The station is just south of the famous Ribblehead (Batty Moss) Viaduct. The picture was taken on the 4th April 2015 with my Polaroid iS2132 digital bridge camera.

Mid Summer Sunrise. Currently has 17 favourites this was taken in the town of  MidSomer Norton on the…

An Album of Images taken at Holme Chapel.

This selection of pictures were taken on the 23rd April 2016 in the village of Holme Chapel between Burnley and Todmorden. I was in the area to picture the chapel and railway tunnel.
Use the arrows to navigate the album or click to view full size on Flickr.

All the pictures can be purchased a4 sized photographic print or emailed to you. Please contact me at, Colin Green Photography for more details. Fine art canvasses and prints of selected pictures can also be purchased at, Photo 4 Me where the pictures for sale increases weekly.
The Holme Tunnel southern portal. Cliviger Valley (Gorge) looking towards Stoodley Pike.
Buckley Underbridge.
The Church of St John the Devine.
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Colin Green Photography. The Beginning.

Colin Green Photography is the replacement for my previous picture showcase blog photographs by colin that blog, pictures and links will still remain active until I have uploaded the selection of pictures here or there are no more views. I felt that I had learned a lot and improved even more so that the pictures I originally took just out and about on my walks around Yorkshire with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet detracted from the better pictures I post now. The albums will still be hosted on Flickr and the full set of pictures I have taken since starting blogging in October 2013 will still remain to be viewed there alongside my new pictures.
Colin Green Photography is a outdoor picture showcase that will still feature interest in pictures of landscapes, reservoirs, waterways, churches, and railway architecture.
Colin Green Photography will be more about the pictures than the historical information I used to provide alongside the photos. All my pictures displayed here will be available to…