Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote.

Timanfaya National Park established in 1974 in the south western part of the island of Lanzarote and covers approx. 20 square miles. It is cover entirely by volcanic soil and roads have been dug out of the rock formations for the touring coachers to travel along. There is no other public access to the site to protect the flora and fauna and the park has been designated a Biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The park still features 1 active volcano and there is a demonstration near to the restaurant where water is poured in to the ground, resulting in a geyser of steam (video below).

I visited on July 30th 2013 and although it wasn't what I expected I think it was perhaps one of the highlights of my visit to Lanzarote. I naively expected there to be volcanic flows viewable by the public, this is obviously not the case but I would recommend anyone to go there but I would suggest using an official coach tour as they get priority when entering the park. Cars were queuing for quite a while to…

Wakefield to Brigg in less than 7 Minutes.

Recently I had to drive from Wakefield to Brigg due to work and I thought it might be a bit of fun to film it and speed up the results to reduce a 1 hour 10 minute journey in a truck down to just 6 minutes 40 seconds. I then over laid the film with waltz of the flowers by Tchaikovsky.
There wasn't much notable in the way of scenery as the camera was forward facing, so here's a few notable points in time along the film,
Trinity Walk Shopping Centre, Wakefield   0.03 M62 Motorway   0.59 Ferrybridge Power Station   1.35 M18 Motorway   3.15 M180 Motorway   4.05 A18 Junction  6.08
The start of the film shows the currently being redeveloped Kirkgate A61 roundabout in Wakefield and then follows a route up past Pinderfields and through Stanley to the M62 at junction 30. Once on the motorway there were road works until after junction 32 but after that it was a straight forward drive through Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to Brigg.
The video is available to view here or full size on …

Winter at Copley Valley.

These are a selection of 7 pictures taken on the 16th January 2016. This was the day I purchased my Nikon d3300 SLR and despite the wintery weather I wanted to get out and try it.
This area of the Copley Valley has undergone major changes since these were taken and now features and industrial estate of 5 units and a major new housing estate split by the River Calder. There is also a new nature reserve and when I took these pictures the new road and bridge had recently opened. Before the development this area was the former sight of Sowerby Bridge Sewage Works, Sterne Mills and the former home of Triangle FC a local amateur football club.
There are 5 pictures featured on Flickr and here and 2 pictures that are exclusive to Clickasnap which can be viewed by using the links below.
Copley Valley just after the completion of the new link road and before the commencement of the new industrial estate. The flat ground at the side of the road is now covered by 5 warehouses and before develop…

Clickasnap The Current Top 5 Most Popular Colin Green Photography Pictures.

Having earlier posted the top 5 most popular pictures of mine on Flickr I thought I might as well share my top 5 Clickasnap images as well. Whilst there is no doubt that Flickr gets my photographs more recognition Clickasnap at least gives me a small contributors fee to help support my photography hobby.
The current fifth most popular picture of mine on Clickasnap is, Click here to view "Piece Hall and the Spire" on Clickasnap. The picture was taken on December 1st 2013 using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, this was just before the hall closed for a extensive refurbishment. The picture has currently been viewed 62 times and favorited 5 times, giving it 8.06% favourite rate.
Forth on the list of most viewed on Clickasnap is, Click here to view "Steps" on Clickasnap. The picture was taken using a Nikon d3300 SLR Camera in April 2017 on the abandoned Rishworth Branch Line Railway through the Ryburn Valley. It Has currently been viewed 63 times and favorited 10 times giving a …

The Flickr Top Five Most Viewed Photographs By Me.

I just thought it might be interesting to share what are currently my top 5 pictures an some of the stats about them on Flickr as of 3 September 2017.
The fifth most popular picture of mine on there is, Currently this picture has 604 views and has been favorited twice with 1 comment. The picture was taken on a walk along the Rochdale Canal from Littleborough to Summit in May 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 Bridge Camera.
At number 4 on the list of most viewed is, This picture has been viewed 625 times commented on once and has been favorited 4 times. It was taken on the abandoned Halifax High Level Railway in February 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 Brige Camera
The third most viewed picture of mine is, It was taken just inside the entrance to Wheatley Tunnel on the abandoned Halifax High Level Railway in February 2014 using a Polaroid iS2132 Bridge Camera. I did not venture any further in as I had not received any permission and had no safety gear with me. This picture has been viewed 755…

Lumbutts & Mankinholes, Nr Todmorden.

These are a set of pictures I took on New Years Eve 2016 in Lumbutts and Mankinholes, Nr Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Lumbutts and Mankinholes are 2 small hamlet's under the shadow of Stoodley Pike where things of notable interest include the former Lumbutts mill water tower, Lumbutts Methodist Chapel and the 4 small dams that stand near the chapel.
The pictures I took are available to view on Flickr and Clickasnap in 2 separate albums featuring pictures that are exclusive to each. The album below features the pictures available on Flickr which is currently 9 available to view. Use the arrows to navigate the album.
There are an additional 8 available to view on Clickasnap via the link below, Lumbutts and Mankinholes, The Area Around.
This is just 1 of the pictures available to view on Clickasnap. The Picture shows Lee Dam and the full album of 8 pictures can be seen at, Lumbutts and Mankinholes, The Area Around.
All links open in another window and by viewing any of my pictures on Cl…

The Rushbearing Parade Passes By.

The Rushbearing is an annual parade held in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire traditionally on the first weekend in September. The following was taken from Wikipedia describing it's historic origins, Rushbearing is an old English ecclesiastical festival in which rushes are collected and carried to be strewn on the floor of the parish church. The tradition dates back to the time when most buildings had earthen floors and rushes were used as a form of renewable floor covering for cleanliness and insulation. The festival was widespread in Britain from the Middle Ages and well established by the time of Shakespeare but had fallen into decline by the beginning of the 19th century, as church floors were flagged with stone.
The current Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing was revived in 1977 and this year celebrates a continuous 40 years of celebration with the parade, shops, crafts, bands and dancing. Traditionally the revelries start on a Friday evening with a get-together at a local pub, before g…